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   The Institution ensures and encourages innovations and best practices. Some of the innovations introduced during the assessment period are as follows:

Establishment of innovative Bore well Recharge technique (Sustainable ground water management) and Medicinal-park.


 Rain water harvesting through bore well reviving is a technique of amazing and storing rain water for reuse and recharge ground water. This recharge technique is unique in the way that it is a

  1. Simple technology
  2. Low Cost
  3. More recharge in shorter time.

 These days more bore wells are drying up because of increase in well density and over exploitation of ground water. There is water scarcity everywhere these days. Under ‘Save water’ Concept College has decided to adopted a technique of rain water harvesting through Bore well reviving in the college premises to provide more water facilities to meet its requirements. It covers an area of 19 Cubic feet.

Bore well reviving has following advantages:

  1. 1. Quick recharge
  2. Improvement in water level.
  3. Evaporation losses minimize
  4. Local material for filtration
  5. Improves water quality (Slit and bacteria free)
  6. Easy to maintain


 Once in a year top sand to be replaced. The pit is filled with boulders gravels and coarse sand and charcoal which act as filtration layer to avoid impurities that are carried along with the first flow of water. The bore well pipe itself is perforated with drill machine and the holes are covered by a nylon mesh to let only the water but not the dirt. Finally it is sealed with cement. When rain Water is diverted in to this well it gets filtered and seeps in to the casing pipe refilling the bore well. With only two or three good raining enough water enters the aquifer to provide the water for use some time.


  Medi Park is filled with medicinal Ayurvedic plants. It is well maintained by the botany department and Plant Club. It is theme-based ‘Medi Park’ – “Divyaoushadha for better life”. Curative medicinal plants include tree spices, herbs, shrubs, and climbers for body ailment and energizing the body. In the past seven years efforts have been made by the institution for developing this theme based Medi Park. A bore well has been drilled for this purpose in the college premises for watering plants. Its purpose is to attract not only botany students but also all the others to know about Ayurvedic medicinal value. Dr.Ashwini from the Hassan Ayurvedic College is the consultant for this project. Some medicinal plants were planted and protected by fencing it. There is an aquatic plant in mini – pond which is located at the centre of Medi Park.

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The college was established in September 1966 for providing higher education to the Women students specially who were socially and economically deprived.

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