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1. AboutLibrary :-  TheLibrary is located in separate building, the collection includes more than47782 books, Journals, magazines and News papers etc. The library is automatedand has a spacious reading hall and reference section.

     Thelibrary is automated with integrated library management software e-lib.Thevarious housekeeping activities of the library such as data entry, issue andreturn and renewal of books, member logins etc are done through  the software. The books are classifiedaccording to Dewey decimal classification , OPAC service is also provided wherethe users can search the collection of books by title, author, publisher etc.The new books are displayed for two weeks on the display stand user orientationis provided at the beginning of the  yearregarding the various facilities services and resources available in thelibrary. The library provides reprographic service and Internet service.


Objectives:  It develops a habit ofdeep of and advanced studies of subjects beyond the text books of subjects instudents.



  • Providing a student-centered learning environment that delivers information and services to its users where and when they need it;
  • Promoting creative and critical thinking through information literacy;
  • Empowering users to locate, evaluate and use information available in a variety of innovative and traditional formats;
  • Developing and maintaining collections in support of the academic pursuits of the university;
  • Establishing itself as a leader in information management;



  • Providing high-quality services that meet and exceed the expectations of a diverse user community; 
  • Using technology innovatively for the flexible delivery of services and resources to users regardless of location;
  • Selecting, acquiring, organizing, preserving and providing access to library materials and resources;
  • Providing the physical facilities and the technical infrastructure that enhance the learning and research environment;
  • Creating a climate where staff are approachable and users receive individual attention and a positive learning experience; and


2. LibraryHuman Resources :-

Name of the Librarian :    Lakshmi C.M


Qualification                         :   M.L.I.Sc


Experience                            :    02 Years


Contact                                              :9449501711


E-Mail                                     :lakshmitejasvi22@gmail.com


3. Collectionand Services :-


Library Timings :


10.00 am to  5.30 pm (Mon-Fri)

10.00 am to   1.30 pm (Sat)


Library Services :

1.    CirculationService

2.    ReferenceService

3.    InterLibrary Loan

4.    ReprographicService


 Library Statistics ason 30.12.20022 Books:47782



4.  E.Resources


Free Online Resources (A.V.K.C,Hassan)


Name of the Free Source


For JournalArticles


1.   CORE is amultidisciplinary aggregator of open access research. 66 million open accessarticles are available



2.   ScienceOpen:  is anaccessing and publishing platform, over 60 million science articles 



3.   Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ): more than14000 open access journals covering all areas of science, technology, medicine,social science and humanities.



4.   Education Resources InformationCenter (ERIC): allows you to search by topic formaterial related to the field of education



5.   arXiv (e-Print Archive): is a freedistribution service and an open-access archive for 1,663,887 scholarlyarticles in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitativebiology, quantitative finance, statistics, electrical engineering and systemsscience, and economics.


6.   The Social Science ResearchNetwork (SSRN) for research articles: The siteoffers more than 700,000 abstracts and more than 600,000 full-text papers.



7.   Public Library ofScience (PLOS): Available 2,15,000 peer reviewedarticles



8.    OpenDOAR, or the Directory of Open AccessRepositories: comprehensive resource for finding open accessjournals and articles



9.    The Bielefeld Academic SearchEngine (BASE): it offers more than 100 milliondocuments from more than 4,000 sources.



10.               Digital Library of the Commons (DLC): multidisciplinaryjournal repository




11.               CIA World Factbook: it providesfacts about every country in the world, including information about history,geography, transportation, and much more.



12.               Paperity: multidisciplinaryaggregator of open access journals and papers



13.               dblp Computer ScienceBibliography: online index of major computer sciencepublications.











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The college was established in September 1966 for providing higher education to the Women students specially who were socially and economically deprived.

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