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 Rain water harvesting through bore well reviving is a technique of amazing and storing rain water for reuse and recharge ground water. This recharge technique is unique in the way that it is a


 Effective waste management is crucial for maintain a sustainable and healthy environment improper disposal of waste possess a threats to ecosystems, leading to pollution, habitat degradation and health hazards. So it is essential to adopt a comprehensive approach that includes waste reduction, reuse and recycling.


 NSS is a part of curriculum in NEP syllabus so every day one section will take care of campus cleaning. In spite of this, college NSS Unit, every Tuesday and Saturday take care of cleanliness of the campus.


SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT: Solid waste management includes the disposal of waste like waste papers, plastic and e-waste generated in the office, library and computer department. These wastes can be segregated and it is put in to different three containers, one is for papers and other for plastic and third one is for E-waste kept in the entrance of the college. Our campus is Plastic free and awareness is created among the students not to throw the plastic in the campus. Circular will be sent to the students and encouraged to discard wastes to respective baskets based on the type of solid waste. Dustbins are kept in each class rooms, ladies restroom, staffroom, laboratories and library of the college to discard the solid waste. Leaf litters and other degradable waste will be collected by NSS, Red cross, Rovers and rangers unit which is actively taking part in the cleanliness of the campus. The solid waste generated in the hostel will be segregated to bio-degradable and non bio-degradable. Bio-degradable solid is converted to bio compost and used as manure and non bio-degradable waste will be daily collected by the municipality through their vehicles. In 2019-20 during the NSS camp held at buvanahally awareness is created in the village about the disadvantages of using the plastic by distributing cotton bags to each house in that village.

LIQUID WASTE MANAGEMENT: Liquid waste management includes the disposal of toxic chemicals from the chemistry laboratories into the deep down pits. Waste water from laboratories will be released to the underground connection. Concentrated acids like sulphuric and hydrochloric acid are kept in the tray containing the sand and can be disposed by diluting it. No hazardous and Radioactive chemicals are used in UG Science departments. Expired chemicals cannot be used after the dates.

E-WASTE MANAGEMENTAwareness programs are initiated on E-waste management. Electronic waste includes damaged and unserviceable CD’s, Printers, Monitors, Hard disk scanners, calculators, battery, mouse, keypads, CPU ,Xerox machines etc., will be disposed to Harshiv Ventures Private Ltd., through MOU. E-waste will be placed in a separate room and will be disposed.

PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED AND RESOURCES REQUIRED: Since the institution is having many trees, in the entrance every day lot of leaves will be shredded and collecting the leaf litter and other degradable waste will consume lot of time. With the help of NSS Unit these wastes can be collected and converted into Bio-Compost


Vocational Training, focuses on developing practical skills and knowledge related to specific trade or profession. It prepares individuals for specific careers, often through hands on learning experiences. Vocational Training can be in various fields including technology, spoken English, Skill enhancement course. It aims to equip individuals with the skills needed for immediate employment, offering a practical approach to education.

Institution provides Vocational Trainings on spoken English, skill enhancement, Technical and non technical skill to prepare individual for specific career. For arts students Beautician course is conducted to make the students self employed and self dependent. Every year many IT Companies will come to the institution and do the placement drive. By utilizing the vocational training students will be placed in different companies


The institution is having MOU with Teragon EdTech Private Ltd., In the year 2021-22 Teragon EdTech Private Ltd., conducted Skill Development program on Java Full Stack ,Sales and marketing , Aptitude and group discussion for 40 BCA students and 26 Bcom students and 9 BSc(Cbz) students. After the training was completed, various IT companies hire the students. Out of 75 students 29 students were selected to different companies like Felick pvt. Ltd.,Willey Edge , Torry Harris, Unacademy, ZenQ, TalentMate,Upgrad etc., through the training given by our institution.

The trainers who are giving the vocational training they expect more fees from the students but the students are coming from rural areas and are of poor background. They are unable to attend the vocational training because of the high fee. But any how the institution is managing to pay maximum fees with the help of Rs.50,000/- donation from management,Rs.70,000/- from Alumni Association and Rs.40,000/- from Redcross and each student have paid Rs.3000/-

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The college was established in September 1966 for providing higher education to the Women students specially who were socially and economically deprived.

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